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Artistic Dressage Symposium

March 25 & 26, 2023

Location: Silver Moon Iberians, 45 SW 110th Street, Ocala, FL

You won’t want to miss this special BEGI event.  

You will enjoy 2 days of in-depth demonstrations!

Seating is limited so don’t delay. Scroll down for more details and how to Register Online now!

This is a rare opportunity that touches every aspect of horsemanship from choosing and fitting the correct bit for your horse’s mouth to the debut of a classically designed saddle that enhances the rider’s position, and comfort of the horse; however, the main focus is educating equestrians on the methods of training in collection to attain the Art of Equipoise.

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Our symposium experts will demonstrate how the introduction of collection from an early stage will benefit the horse greatly and alleviate the pitfalls created by Modern thinking, which is that collection should not be addressed until the end of a horse’s training. The time-honored training principles & exercises presented during this event will prepare a willing partner for any situation, be it sport, pleasure, or artistic performance.

The step-by-step methods and techniques to introduce and train collection in a calm, patient and reassuring manner will be shown and explained in detail.

Questions will be answered after each demo.

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We’ll start with Sharon Madere’s Early Education: From Foal to Foundation.  Sharon will show you how she prepares her youngsters for a perfect life-partnership with humans.

As the horse becomes an adolescent it’s time to introduce gentle, groundwork exercises for collection to develop coordination, equilibrium, posture and focus. Bruno Gonzalez will demonstrate the various exercises he uses and explain their purpose and significance in preparing the horses for their future saddle work. This work is a prerequisite for all horses coming into the BEGI training program.  

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When the horse is 4 to 5 yrs. and is beginning saddle work, a demo with a horse of this age will illustrate what is entailed in the first mounting and early riding process including an evaluation of the individual entering this phase of training. The calm & patient process and skill during this stage will offer a lifetime of tranquility and confidence to the horse and rider.

Bruno Gonzalez and Tina Cristiani Veder will collaborate on demonstrations to include, Collection to improve Transitions, Collection to Enhance Gaits, Gentle Corrections through Collection, How Collection equals Connection, Tips for Riding in Collection, and exercises that help horses of all ages maintain their flexibility and balance.

In addition, we have 3 special guests who are experts in their fields. Florence Wetzel of Try My Bits will be showing the latest in technology & workmanship of the celebrated Neue Schule bits, which she represents exclusively. She will also be educating us on how to properly fit a bit and bridle.  George Gullikson, of Equine Inspired, LLC will be debuting the new The Clásica manège Saddle at this event and demonstrating the importance of a properly designed and fitted saddle for the health & longevity of the horse and proper balance of the rider. Annie Commons will share the knowledge on trimming and shoeing that all horse owners should know. Scroll down to learn more about these exceptional teachers. 

For groups, each individual auditor needs a registration

Want to talk to the Contact person?

Contact Terry Reth (352) 502-8192 or email:

Secure your Registration below.  

One Day with Lunch $195.00

One Day No Lunch $175.00

Two Days with Lunch $280.00

Two Days No Lunch $260.00

Meet the Clinicians

Tina Cristiani Veder 

Coming from a well-known equestrian family, Tina has studied under many noted European Classical trainers throughout her life.  She established her farm, Caballos de los Cristiani, in 1986 and it became an internationally recognized breeding, training, and sales facility producing Champion Iberian dressage horses and selling to many of the top competitive US riders and trainers. Tina teaches, trains, does clinics, lectures, and demonstrations on artistic, classical riding.  She has written, produced and directed many national equestrian events.  She enjoys sharing the elegance of 18th-century horsemanship by focusing on the seat and aids of the rider to assist them in becoming more refined, effective and balanced with their horse.  During her lessons, Tina maintains a calm, uplifting, and gentle approach which helps her students relax, become centered, and open to receive.

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Bruno Gonzalez

Bruno B Web_edited.png

A Baroque Horsemanship trainer & teacher from Spain, Bruno Gonzalez is an expert in the techniques and theory of Baroque Classical Horsemanship and its positive application to all breeds and disciplines.  From an early age, Bruno has dedicated himself to practicing, teaching, preserving and sharing the wisdom of the Baroque equestrian masters.  Recognized for his training program and curriculum, he is a treasured resource for modern riders wanting to learn the time-honored techniques of the old Masters to attain balance through collection.  He specializes in Iberian horses, but throughout his career, he has trained horses of all breeds, some to the higher movements of Haute Ecole.  With his kind, patient, and in-depth coaching, students & horses of all levels achieve positive and remarkable results making Bruno a highly desirable trainer, clinician & lecturer.

Sharon Madere

Bio Highlights

  • A life and career driven by love and respect for animals

  • 25+ years immersed in all aspects of animal behavior

  • Mentored by internationally renowned Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson (1922-2012)

  • Lifelong passion for horses, having pursued a variety of activities from breeding to training and competing

  • Certified Horse Behavior Consultant with International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)

  • Practitioner Member of International Society for Equitation Science (ISES)

  • Positive, practical, science-based approach to resolving behavior problems for horse owners: on the ground or under saddle; cooperation for vet & farrier; phobias, aggression, etc.

  • Specialties include assisting veterinarians, farriers, trainers and other equine professionals to increase safety and efficiency for themselves, while providing enhanced service and improved results for their clients


  • Methods and techniques include functional behavioral analysis, ethological evaluation of management details, counter-conditioning, systematic desensitization, positive reinforcement training with a sound-marker (similar to  “clicker training”)

  • Currently based in Ocala, FL, new training and education facility

George Gullikson

Saddle Fit


George Gullikson has turned his background as a mechanical engineer into a career making saddles a better fit for horses and riders. Mr. Gullikson was introduced to horses while growing up on his family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin. He eventually became interested in dressage and has operated a dressage training facility with his wife for almost 30 years. While working as a mechanical engineer at Bell Labs, Mr. Gullikson specialized in Ergonomics and made workstations for operators and office staff to help prevent common workplace injuries. Out of Aiken, SC, Mr. Gullikson operates his saddle making business, Equine Inspired, LLC, where he specializes in fitting female riders and hard to fit horses to prevent pain, injury, and asymmetrical muscle development. In addition to servicing the Midwest and East Coast, Mr. Gullikson posts educational videos about saddle fit on his website,

Annie Commons


Annie started out trimming her own horses simply to be self-reliant, and keep strong connections with her own horses. 

Branching out to trim more horses, she quickly realized a formal education was needed, as well as more tools and options to help pathologic hooves.  

Annie began studying composite shoeing and rehabilitation hoofcare under Daisy Bicking and completed an apprenticeship in Pennsylvania in 2015.  She stayed on to work with Daisy on the road and at the Daisy Haven Farm Rehabilitation Center, and completed the DHF School of Integrative Hoofcare Level 1 program. 

Annie decided to head back to her roots in Central Vermont to continue work on horses throughout Vermont and New England for a few years and expand her shoeing repertoire to include metal protection, before relocating to the Ocala FL area in early 2019.

In her free time Annie enjoys riding her two ponies, and entertaining her cats and house rabbit.


Florence Wetzel

Neue Schule Bit and Bridle Fitter.

Florence came to Neue Schule bits initially as an end user. A 10-year search for a solution to help her Dutch schoolmaster had ended in thousands of dollars spent, gallons of tears spilled and little positive results. A chance comment by a friend that Neue Schule had a bit designed to address that horse’s challenges began a journey that changed not only life for that horse but for Florence also.

Florence began her training in 2016 with the President and Founder of Neue Schule USA, Mette Larsen. Since that time, she has completed formal training through Neue Schule, UK and is a certified Bit Fitter. Florence travels extensively in the US and Canada and has done bit fitting in the Netherlands. Florence resides in the Ocala, FL area on her Not So Far Farm. She is currently training two 10 year old’s, one KWPN the other a former Selle Francais jumper in dressage, she enjoys competing when not traveling.

Florence does bitting for dressage, hunters, eventing, jumpers and fox hunting horses. She brings a passion to each bit fitting which combined with her technical knowledge and years of riding experience result in a unique clinic experience.

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