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Through the educational programs of BEGI, the  Evaluation & Certification programs offered to owners of horses. After an above-average certification score is attained, you will be offered a platform to feature your artistic horse in this section of the site. 

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This section will advertise BEGI Certified stallions at stud, mares, and sale horses trained using the BEGI system, along with youngsters from certified parents.


All Horses listed must reflect a standard needed for artistic expressiveness & collect-ability of the Baroque Manège Horse. 

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Defining the
Baroque  Manège Horse

It is our objective to define, illuminate & promote the attributes looked for in the historic Baroque Manège Horse, and compare those distinctions to the requirements & use of other horse types/breeds historically and in modern times. We feel today sports breeding has a strong influence in conformation analysis. The breeding for an artistic horse is diminishing because of the idea that a sport horse is an ideal or superior horse.  The BEGI Competiton gives the Baroque Manège Horse the platform where these qualities will be rewarded and celebrated and produce a market for the true Baroque Manège Horse to expand.

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BEGI programs will bring about a deeper knowledge of how to discern the capabilities of different breeds and how to evaluate the various types within a breed. Just like the Baroque Masters from the Age of Enlightenment, we need to become specific in our choices. If we don't honor their wisdom we risk losing many attributes of the classical horses that they cherished, along with many of the principles they passed down to us.

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