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Promote the Schooling Principles of the Baroque Masters by Hosting a
B.E.G.I.  Educational Event
The BEGI clinics are the most galvanizing way to educate, promote and offer classical, time-honored and proven training techniques & methods that benefit all riders and horses regardless of breed, discipline or experience.  For trainers, BEGI clinics are proving to be an excellent way to increase business and grow a client base. For facility owners, BEGI clinics heighten awareness of your facility. Through our internet advertising of each event, your facility will be showcased to BEGI members & followers, as well as equestrian groups & organizations.  
Our advertising program reaches literally hundreds of people locally & nationally.  BEGI clinics seem to expand and take on an energy and life of their own.  They grow and have been instrumental in developing communities of like-minded, thinking riders who come back, request & sign up for future clinics.  Our clinics are an exceptional way to build an enthusiastic and positive equestrian following in your area!

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The feedback about all the 
B.E.G.I. educational events have been outstanding! 
Here are a few remarks:
“I had such a wonderful time at the Baroque Blast Play Day. In the beginning my green mare came out a little stiff, but as I worked her through some square turns and later through the Patterns, she loosened up and became much softer in my hands. The lighter and softer she got, the more she began to engage her haunches and track up. I also tried sword-play for the first time with her, and to my amazement, she really seemed to enjoy it – and we ended up getting the sword through the ring! I really think this experience was not only beneficial for me, but for my mare as well.”          
                                                                        ~ Dana & Desi                
"It is the dream of every rider to have a light horse, with great power behind, who moves with you in harmony and with joy.  The art of collecting the horse is an elusive one, and a big missing for most riders today.  I have worked with BEGI since early in its development and produced many BEGI shows here in the Northeast.  The response from my students has been tremendous.  They enjoyed the three phases, loved how their horses felt after practicing the patterns and had so much fun with the Mounted Maneuvers and the Musical Presentations.
It also gave them a sequence of training for creating collection from the beginning to the most advanced movements.  Personally,  I use the patterns all the time with my horses in training, and it has made them stronger, lighter and much more balanced."
              ~ Patricia Norcia, classical trainer and instructor, Clinton, Ct.               
"As a newer dressage rider, and long-time hunter/jumper rider of 30 years, I feel strongly that riders of all disciplines--and their equine partners, most importantly--would benefit from incorporating the methods of the Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute (BEGI) into their training.  My Holsteiner/TB mare could be the poster horse for the long-term advantages that BEGI brings to the middle-aged, but still green horse; once stiff, unconditioned, uneven in musculature, and unbalanced in mind and body, Belle has transformed into a well-muscled, much straighter, balanced, and supple horse in just under two years of training. BEGI has helped her find her hind end, and it has made for a sound and happy horse, who is much more fun to ride."
                           ~ Kathy Crocket  Guilford, CT               

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