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A  Passionate Vision
The Baroque Equestrian Institute™ was created out of the vision and passion of Tina Cristiani Veder and Bruno Gonzalez. They were each born into European equestrian families (Italy and Spain respectively) where the principles of Classical Riding were passed from generation to generation. Steeped in this understanding from childhood, they each also became avid independent students of the historical training methods and the artistry of Classical Riding.
Over the years they grew increasingly aware that the vast majority of American riders have not had the opportunity to understand and experience the powerful principles from the great Equestrian Masters of the 17th & 18th centuries. Through the Institute, their goal is to make these timeless truths accessible to the riders of today.
Your membership as well as participation in educational events will support B.E.G.I. in their mission to promote Artistic Horsemanship.
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The current activities of
The Baroque Equestrian Institute™
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Trainer's Forums
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Private Lessons

There are many other exciting aspects now in the planning stages and under development. In the coming months and years, the Institute will offer a variety of educational opportunities, including instructional videos, books, online learning, and intensive courses of study with an aim towards accreditation of BEGI endorsed trainers and instructors.

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“Practice, stripped of sound principles, is nothing more than routine that only results in a forced and uncertain performance and a false brilliance.”

Francois Robichon De La Gueriniere.
Ecole de Cavalerie, 1733 AD
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It is our hope to form a nationwide network of professionals with a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the true historic Classical principles. This will provide assurance of consistency and continuity to students who seek an authentic Classical education, whether their goal is to compete in The Baroque Equestrian Games™, or simply to enjoy that magical connection with their horse.
Our desire is to help each and every horse and rider find that incredible balance, lightness, harmony and mutual joy that is the highest expression of the relationship between man and horse. If you are interested in becoming involved, whether as a student, instructor or trainer, we’d love to hear from you. We invite you join us in this exciting new journey back to the historical foundations of Classical Horsemanship.
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