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Founders of
Baroque Equestrian
Games & Institute

In 2010 Baroque Equestrian Games & InstituteTM was created out of the vision and passion of Tina Cristiani Veder and Bruno Gonzales. They were each born into European equestrian families(Italy and Spain respectively) where the principles of Classical Riding were passed from generation to generation. Steeped in this understanding from childhood, they each also became avid independent students of the historical training methods and the artistry of Classical Riding. 

Over the years they grew increasingly aware that the vast majority Of American riders had not had the opportunity to understand the powerful principles handed down to us by the great Masters Of the Old Classical Schools, their goal was to make these timeless truths accessible to the riders of today through a Classical competition and master courses on Classical Horsemanship. 

Tina Cristiani Veder

From a well-known equestrian family, Tina studied under three generations of the famous Konyot family, as well as other noted European Classical trainers of the last century.  Steeped in the principles of Classical riding and training, she shares her passion through articles and teaching, along with exhibitions showcasing the upper levels of balance, lightness and collection.  Her special focus is in helping riders attain the elegance and effectiveness of the Classical seat. 

 From 1986 to 2000, her farm Caballos de Cristiani was an internationally acclaimed breeding and training facility, selling champion Iberian horses for competitive dressage to many top riders in Europe, Australia and North America, including several US Dressage Team members and several Olympians.  She retired her breeding operation in 2000 to concentrate on training and teaching. Co-Creator of The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute, Founder of Caballos de los Cristiani and New Dawn Equestrian, LLC

Sr. Bruno Gonzalez

 From Madrid, Spain, Sr. Gonzalez is highly experienced in the techniques and theory of Classical Horsemanship, and its positive application to all breeds and disciplines.  He has coached, developed and trained horses and riders from novice through FEI levels, and is internationally recognized for his Classical training curriculum, especially for Iberian horses. 

    Becoming one of today’s most-in-demand clinicians, Bruno’s talent for teaching and gentle approach are helping riders of all levels to achieve remarkable results.  Bruno is Co-Creator of The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute, Head Trainer and Co-Owner of Caballos de Cristiani, now re-named New Dawn Equestrian, LLC

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