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Join us on this exciting new journey back

to the historical foundation of Baroque Manège (Artistic) Horsemanship

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Come discover the balance and lightness you’ve always longed for, but never thought you could achieve.  Through clinics, symposiums, systematic courses and reference materials, The Baroque Equestrian Institute will guide and assist you in reaching your goals. 

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For more information about, clinics, symposiums, and other educational events.  

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Benefits of becoming a member of
Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute

You'll become part of a new and fast-growing community of people who value historical Baroque Horsemanship, and who want to learn, participate and preserve this noble Art.


You'll be eligible to compete in the Baroque Equestrian Game™.


You'll be eligible to view all the Illustrated Patterns of the Baroque Equestrian Games™ Competition.


You'll receive discounts when you participate in Baroque Equestrian Institute™ Clinics, Symposiums, and other educational events.

Your membership dues will help
Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute
 fulfill its mission to:
Celebrate & reward the elegance & artistry Of classical baroque horsemanship.
Preserve & promote the wisdom of the Baroque Equestrian Masters. Bring balance & lightness to horses of every breed.

Teach grace & enlightenment to riders of all styles
Provide a greater understanding of the unique qualities of the Baroque Manège (Artistic) horses historically bred for higher collection
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