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Teaching and Celebrating

The Elegance and Artistry of  Baroque  Manège (Artistic) Horsemanship.

The Baroque Equestrian Games™ is an artistic competition like no other, rewarding and celebrating the elegance and artistry of Baroque Manège Horsemanship.  Although the term “classical or baroque” is often tossed about, there are very few people today who truly understand and practice the principles taught

by the Masters of Equitation, dating back to Xenophon, and culminating during the Baroque period. The Baroque Equestrian Institute™ has been created to help preserve and pass down the wisdom of these great Masters and to make their teachings understandable and accessible for today’s rider.

The Games competition consists of four “Sections,” each of which rewards the principles practiced in the great Baroque Schools of Horsemanship: the qualities of lightness, relaxation, suppleness, self-carriage, balance, and brilliance. These timeless principles bring tremendous benefit to horses of all breeds and disciplines, and to riders of all experience levels.  Through the progressive patterns and maneuvers, horse and rider attain a softness, elegance, and grace that paint a picture of effortless partnership.

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"Gracefulness is such a fine ornament for a rider and, at the same time, such a great achievement in equestrian art, that anyone who wants to become a horseman must, before doing anything else, take the necessary time to acquire this quality."

Francois Robichon De La Gueriniere.
Ecole de Cavalerie, 1733 AD
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What is the history of the

Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute?

In 2010 The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute TM was created out of the vision and passion of  Tina Cristiani Veder and Bruno Gonzalez. They were each born into European equestrian families (Italy and Spain respectively) where the principles of Classical Riding were passed from generation to generation. Steeped in this understanding from childhood, they each also became avid independent students of the historical training methods and the artistry of Classical Riding.

Over the years they grew increasingly aware that the vast majority Of American riders had not had the opportunity to understand and the powerful principles handed down to us by the great Masters of the Old Classical Schools, their goal was to make these timeless truths accessible to the riders of today through a Classical competition and master courses on Classical Horsemanship.

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For the next two years, Tina and Bruno worked tirelessly to develop and refine the myriad of details that go into an endeavor of this magnitude.  The foundational cornerstones for both the Competition and the Institute are the "Patterns" (tests) of the Groundwork, Classical Schooling, and Mounted Maneuvers Sections of the Competition.

These Patterns are based on the exercises and movements that formed the training program used by the great Equestrian Masters of the Baroque Period — always with the highest goal of creating an artistic display of beauty between horse and rider

Drawing from their experience in training and retraining countless horses and following the historic texts and illustrations of de la Gueriniere, de Pluvinel, the Duke of New Castle and others, they have assembled a virtual "masters level course" in Classical training... and most importantly, it is done in a way that makes these principles understandable for today's riders.

Starting in 2012, a variety of other enthusiasts joined with Tina and Bruno to begin creating the organizational strategy, and to plan educational events and competitions. Individuals all share the same passion to deepen their knowledge and skills, and to celebrate this inspirational Living Art of Classical Horsemanship. Together they hope to help others discover true harmony with their equine partners.

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