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"Nothing of beauty can ever be accomplished by the use of force."

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The Art of Horsemanship, 350 BC
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Our Mission
  • Celebrate & reward the elegance & artistry of baroque manège horsemanship.


  • Preserve & promote the wisdom of the Baroque Equestrian Masters.


  • Bring balance & lightness to horses of every breed.


  • Teach grace & enlightenment to riders of all styles.


  • Provide a greater understanding of the unique qualities of the baroque manège horses historically bred for higher collection.

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Our Values

Best Interests of Horse and Rider  

Everything we do is guided by our commitment to the well being of each horse and each rider... physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


We seek to honor the elegance. beauty and grace of Classical Horsemanship in the tradition of the Baroque Masters. We embrace the principles of balance and lightness as we dance with our equine partners.


We are dedicated to kind, joyful and respectful relationships — with our horses, between teacher and student, and among all those involved with us. We acknowledge and honor other organizations and individuals who are working in different ways for the betterment of horse and rider. We value a humble willingness to learn and share vs. egos. and we choose camaraderie, good-natured competition and mutual support rather than excessive rivalry.


The Institute and The Games are open to all. We believe that true Classical Horsemanship benefits every horse regardless of breed, and every rider, regardless of experience or style of riding. The journey is the destination, and we embrace all those with a desire to learn and a commitment to our shared values.


 We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of the Institute and Games. We continue to look for opportunities to improve our methods, communication and events, and we wholeheartedly invite your input and ideas.


We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic classical equestrian arts. Our foundational sources are the Masters of the Baroque period, and we will remain true to their timeless principles while making their classical horsemanship accessible to today's equestrian. We strive to bring greater awareness and appreciation of the unique qualities of the Classical horses that were originally bred for these higher levels of collection. and whose brilliance can only be fully realized when they are trained and ridden in harmony with their true nature and conformation.


We believe that honesty and integrity are inseparable from all we do. We are open, fair and forthright with our affiliates, members, students, and participants.

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